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May 23, 2024
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Murmu vs Sinha: Lok Sabha adjourned till 2pm for voting in Presidential election on Parliament premises, Manmohan Singh arrives in a wheelchair to vote

NEW DELHI: Voting is being held today i.e. on 18th July for the election of the 15th President of the country. 4800 elected MPs and MLAs will participate in voting.

BJP and allies candidate Draupadi Murmu are more likely to victory the election. She will be the first tribal woman to hold the presidency. She has the support of about 27 parties. The opposition candidate is Yashwant Sinha, who is seeing the support of around 14 parties. Counting of votes will be done on July 21.

Pratibha Patil has the distinction of being the first woman President of the country, who was elected to the top constitutional post in 2007.

The next President of the country is being elected in India today, for which voting is being held in the Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies of various states.

On this occasion, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh also reached Parliament to vote.

In the pictures that have come out of him during the voting, he looks very weak. Manmohan Singh, 89, reached the Parliament House in a wheelchair and cast his vote with the help of some people.

The credit for the alleged economic recovery in India is given to Dr. Singh. He was also the Prime Minister of India for ten consecutive years.

Voting from 10 am to 6 pm

Voting for the Presidential election will be held from 10 am to 6 pm in the Parliament House complex and state legislatures. Even before the start of the monsoon session in the Parliament House complex, not only Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all the senior ministers and MPs of the government, the leaders of opposition-MPs will also cast their votes.

Possible votes in favor of Draupadi Murmu

NDA- 535000

YSRCP- 44000

TDP- 6500

Shiv Sena- 25000

JDS- 5600

BJD- 32000

SBSP- 1248

BSP- 7908


The maximum vote value of an MLA of Uttar Pradesh is 208. After this, the value of the vote of the MLAs of Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu is 176, then the value of the vote of the MLAs of Maharashtra is 175. The value of vote of an MLA of Sikkim is only 7 which is the lowest in the whole country.

In the presidential election, members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and state legislatures cast their votes. Out of the 245-member Rajya Sabha, only 233 MPs can cast their votes. 12 nominated MPs do not vote in this election. With this, all 543 members of the Lok Sabha will participate in voting. A total of 4 thousand 33 MLAs from all the states will also vote for the Presidential election. In this way, the total number of voters in the presidential election will be 4809.

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