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May 14, 2024
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“Nature and signature change only at the end,” What to say Bahubali Anand Mohan after being out on parole?  

PATNA: Former MP and Bahubali leader Anand Mohan’s release from jail on parole has sparked controversy, with BSP chief Mayawati questioning the decision of the Bihar government. In response, Anand Mohan, who was convicted for the murder of District Magistrate G. Krishnaiah in 1994, made a statement to journalists, saying that he did not know who Mayawati was and that he had only heard of Kalavati in the context of the Satyanarayan Katha.

According to news agency ANI, Anand Mohan said, “I will go for parole surrender and complete all the formalities and procedures of the jail. I will go back today itself, I have to reach there by tomorrow morning.”

“Nature and signature change only at the end,” he says. He is out on 15-day parole for his son’s wedding, says former MP & murder convict Anand Mohan Singh as he leaves from Patna for Saharsa for surrender.

Anand Mohan went on to express his condolences for the families affected by the murder of G. Krishnaiah, saying that only two families were ruined in the whole scandal. He also made a sarcastic remark about the release of prisoners in Gujarat, suggesting that it was done under pressure from Nitish Kumar and the RJD.

When asked about his future political plans, Anand Mohan stated that he would first go back to jail and then hold a meeting with his supporters to discuss his strategy going forward. The former MP has a controversial history in politics, and his release from jail has raised eyebrows in Bihar.

Despite his statements, Anand Mohan’s release has brought attention to the issue of political prisoners in India and the power dynamics at play in such cases. The controversy surrounding his parole shows that even decades after his conviction, Anand Mohan remains a polarizing figure in Bihar politics.

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