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June 22, 2024
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Naxalites panic ends in Bihar and Jharkhand, 14 extremist killed in three states: CRPF DG

PATNA: Budha Pahad, which is called the stronghold of Naxalites in Jharkhand, has been freed from the Naxalites. While Bihar is also free Left Wing Extremism, said the director general of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Kuldiep Singh on Wednesday.  

To eliminate the Naxalites, the security forces were landed on the old mountain with the help of a helicopter. A permanent camp has been made for the security forces on the old mountain, he added.

Singh, who addressed a press conference on successes achieved by security forces against Left Wing Extremism, said there is no place in the eastern state where the rebel outfit is dominating.

Three states freed from Naxalism after operations

During press conference, The DG of CRPF said that after three separate operations, Budha Pahad has been freed from Naxalites. He told that since April 2022 till now 4 Naxalites have been killed in Jharkhand. He told that 7 Naxalites were killed in Chhattisgarh during this period, while in Madhya Pradesh 3 Naxalites were killed by security forces.

Operation Thunderstorm broke the back of Naxalites

Kuldeep Singh said that Operation Thunderstorm broke the back of the Naxalites. Under this operation, the security forces eliminated 14 Naxalites in the above three states. He also told that 578 Maoists have surrendered during this period. The CRPF DG said that there has been a 77 percent reduction in Left Wing Extremist incidents.

Naxalism was at its peak in 2009

Singh said that in the year 2009, Naxalism was at its peak. There were 2,258 Naxalite incidents that year. This figure has now come down to 509. He said that not only has there been a decrease in Naxalite incidents, but there has also been an unprecedented reduction in the deaths due to Naxalite attacks. There has been a reduction of 85 percent in the cases of deaths due to Naxalite incidents.

Access of security forces in all areas of Jharkhand-Bihar

CRPF DG has said that Bihar is now completely free from Naxalism. Now their presence in Bihar may be in the form of a recovery gang, but there is no longer any influence of Naxalites anywhere in this state. He claimed that now there is no such place in Jharkhand and Bihar where security forces do not have access.

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