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June 20, 2024
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Negligence in Bihar school: Students date of birth recorded as February 30 raises concerns for students’ academic journey

Patna: The education department of Bihar has once again captured attention due to an unexpected incident. In a surprising turn of events, a school in the state mistakenly recorded a student’s date of birth as February 30 on an official document. This error has sparked widespread discussions and debates, as it has created significant problems for the student and raised questions about the school’s accuracy and reliability in documentation.

The incident took place in a middle school located in the Chakai block area of Jamui district, bringing the institution into the spotlight. The case revolves around a student named Aman Kumar, who recently completed eighth grade. When the school principal prepared his transfer certificate, people noticed an unusual detail – Aman’s date of birth was noted as February 30, 2009. Naturally, this peculiar date has ignited conversations about the school’s attention to detail when handling official records.

Unfortunately, this mistake has had repercussions for Aman Kumar, particularly in his efforts to secure admission to the 9th grade. In an interview, his father, Rajesh Yadav, expressed concern over the issue. He explained that they have made several appeals to the school’s head teacher to rectify the incorrect birth date, but their requests have faced significant delays. The head teacher has cited forgetfulness on some occasions regarding the necessary seal, and at other times, they have failed to be present at the school. Consequently, Aman’s admission process is being hindered, and he is unfairly bearing the consequences of the school’s negligence.

District Education Officer Kapil Dev Tiwari has been made aware of the situation and has taken action. Tiwari mentioned receiving the questionable certificate via WhatsApp from an anonymous sender. He has initiated the process of seeking an explanation from the school’s head teacher to address the matter promptly. This demonstrates the authorities’ commitment to resolving the issue and taking appropriate action based on the information gathered.

Kapil Dev Tiwari clarified that the mistake on the transfer certificate was not intentional but a result of ignorance. However, concerns are now being raised regarding the reliability of the school’s head teacher. Consequently, a letter will be sent to the planning unit, highlighting the issue for further consideration. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the head teacher may face consequences such as being relieved of planning responsibilities. This showcases the determination to address the situation and ensure accountability within the school administration.

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