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June 20, 2024
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Nitish Cabinet approves 17 agendas, including increased gratuity and salaries for teachers

PATNA: A cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday approved a total of 17 agenda items covering various key aspects of Bihar’s governance. Decisions made at the conference were intended to address key issues and assist various departments of the state.

One of the most important approvals was an increase in the amount of tips for workers of the Khadi Village Industrial Committee. The cabinet approved an increase in the tip amount to 1 million, benefiting the workers involved in the board.

The Agriculture Roadmap for 2023-24 was another important agenda item discussed and approved by the Niti Cabinet. An allocation of JPY 1062.268 billion was approved for the implementation of the Agriculture Roadmap, which will contribute to the development and growth of the agricultural sector in Bihar.

In an important step towards resolving the pending salary issue, the Cabinet has decided to make public the unpaid salaries of some 150,000 teachers working in Panchayati Raj institutions and local governments. The Bihar government has approved a budget of over 350 crore rupees to pay for teachers’ salaries and other necessary expenses.

To address growing concerns over cybercrime, the cabinet has approved the establishment of 44 cyber police stations in all districts of Bihar, including the railway sector. The decision aims to strengthen the nation’s ability to effectively prevent and combat cybercrime. A proposal was accepted to create the post of Deputy Director of the Photographic Division at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Patna.

  • The creation of his 33 Associate Clerk positions in the Product Division has been approved.
  • Rs 720 crore has been approved to build a new building at the Bipard campus in Patna.
  • Under Samagra Shiksha Abyan, a subsidy of 35 billion rupees (51.05 billion rupees) was approved for teacher salaries.
  • He created 46 jobs for the establishment and operation of the Ganga Water Project OP in Giryak district of Nalanda. A financial incentive was approved for the construction of an ethanol plant in Buxer.
  • Rs 174 crore 18,000 was approved for the operation of girls’ dormitories plus 2 high schools for backward and very backward girls in her 27 districts of Bihar.
  • Bihar Registered Kallang 2023 Amendment Regulations may come into force.

The Mumbai Port Authority has approved in principle a lease of 2751.96 square meters of land for the construction of Bihar Bhawan in Mumbai. For this reason, the issuance of 160 million rupees from the Bihar Emergency Fund has been approved. 

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