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April 23, 2024
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“No more Jeans and T-Shirts: Bihar’s Teachers face new dress code restrictions”

Patna: The crackdown on government teachers in Bihar’s Begusarai district continues as the authorities, led by KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, implement a strict dress code. In an effort to enforce discipline and uphold decorum in schools, jeans and T-shirts have been completely banned for all teachers, and female teachers have been directed to refrain from wearing provocative attire.

According to the recent order issued by the District Education Officer of Begusarai, male teachers have also been brought under scrutiny, as they are now required to maintain a clean-shaven look. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in disciplinary action against the teachers. This directive applies to all head teachers and teachers across the district.

The comprehensive order encompasses 14 key points that teachers must adhere to, ranging from the maintenance of school premises to their personal dress code. Emphasizing the preservation of Indian culture, teachers have been advised to dress in traditional Indian attire and steer clear of clothing that may be perceived as provocative or overly bright.

In addition to the dress code, specific guidelines have been outlined for male teachers, explicitly barring them from wearing jeans and T-shirts, as well as keeping extended beards. The intention behind these measures is to instill a sense of professionalism and decorum among teachers in the district.

This recent dress code restriction follows a previous mandate issued by the education department, banning the wearing of jeans and T-shirts by office employees. The directive highlighted that such casual attire contradicted the official culture and failed to reflect the dignity of the workplace. Subodh Kumar Chowdhary, Director (Administration) of the Education Department, issued this earlier order, believed to be under the guidance of KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department.

KK Pathak’s initiatives go beyond dress code restrictions. Teachers are now required to be punctual and adhere to their designated schedules. Moreover, the use of chairs by teachers in classrooms has been banned, as part of an effort to promote interactive teaching methods and engage with students more effectively. Additional instructions include displaying the list of teachers in order of priority and maintaining clean and functional toilets within school premises.

The implementation of these new rules has garnered significant support from the general public, who view the changes as a positive step towards reforming the education system and ensuring a more disciplined and focused learning environment in Begusarai schools. However, it remains to be seen how the teaching community will respond to these measures and whether they will have the intended impact on the overall educational experience in the district.

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