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September 21, 2023
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A Love Story for the ages: 110-Year-Old’s fourth marriage sets hearts aflutter, his eldest son at 70

Peshawar, Pakistan – Age is no barrier to new beginnings, and Abdul Hannan, a resident of Khair Paktunkhwa in Pakistan, is a living testament to this adage. At an astonishing age of 110, he defies conventional expectations by embracing his fourth marriage, leaving the community awestruck and intrigued. In a society where longevity is often…

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“The Burden of Corruption: Retired officer’s letter to deceased son, Know the terrible truth behind a lifetime of regrets”

Burden of Corruption: In a deeply moving letter that lays bare a lifetime of regrets, a retired officer opens his heart to his departed son, grappling with a profound sense of guilt and remorse. The letter, penned by the officer who served for 35 years, reveals a life tarnished by moral missteps and choices that…

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“Overcoming State-Specific provisions: Key challenges for UCC enactment”

Uniform Civil Code(UCC)- Whereas Uniform Civil Code demand is picking up in India, the challenges before the ruling party are many! A renowned social activist from Nawanshahr, Ashwani Joshi says to reminds that, if we read the constitution the Article 371, it seems another hurdle in the UCC run to finishing line. Article 371 in…

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Rupee 2000 note may become antique: Ashwani Joshi

Exchange limit, only 10 notes at a time.  Nawanshahr/Punjab: Once bitten twice shy! Exchange limit is only 10 notes at a time could scare black money holders! A renowned social activist Ashwani Joshi from Nawanshahr said that move to withdraw rupee 2000 from Public circulation may seems like “Clean Note Policy” but could have many good…

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Hindustan Zinc Nurturing Biodiversity with Miyawaki Plantation

Revolutionary reforestation technique restores nature’s balance Hindustan Zinc has planted saplings 32,500 sapling of 65 diverse species in Debari, Dariba & Amp; Chanderiya: In midst of rapid urbanisation and its impact on the environment, Miyawaki Plantation has emerged as a beacon of hope. On this Biodiversity Day, we delve into the ingenious technique that is…

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Lesson from Karnatka: Why Enacting of ‘Right to Employment’ is need of the nation?

Congress impact on lives and livelihoods gained! A loss to BJP? Punjab/Nawanshahr: The mandate for the Congress in Karnataka is as what it could have been:  clear majority with 135 out of 224 assembly seats fetching support from across regions and demographic groups; with some of the vote share accrued to it negatively as the main party…

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International Nursing Day: “Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health”

Special on International Nursing Day 12 MAY, By: Ashwani Joshi, a Naval Veteran turned Social Activist PUNJAB/ NAWANSHAHR: International Nurses Day celebrated on 12th May to mark the birth anniversary of “The Lady with the Lamp” Florence Nightingale and  to thank all worldwide Nurses, for their  tireless efforts , contributions and dedication. Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health. As Val Saintsbury rightly…

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Internet Literacy: Prominent tool to transform the Society

Pushpa Gujral Science City organized Computer Literacy Camp Pushpa Gujral Science City celebrated National Technology Day by organizing a computer literacy camp at village Dhapai Kapurthala. The camp aimed to promote internet literacy among rural women in order to contribute to the Digital India Mission. The camp also ensured that everyone is equipped with the…

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Desire for the Fire! Unfolding ‘Uninterrupted Fire’ on Air India Boeing 707 by Ashwani Joshi

Nawanshahr: In a remarkable and forgotten chapter of Indian history, a tale of unyielding determination and reverence unfolds. During the 1800s, Aden had become an extremely prosperous port city and a home to thriving business. About a thousand Parsis (Zarathustis) belonging to business and shipping community had settled in Aden by the end of 19th…

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RERA Act a Bane or Boon! A revolutionary change for Real Estate Industry in India

RERA Act: Only Four States with Permanent Regulators, Rest Supported by Interim Regulators RERA Act: Housing is one of the fundamental requirements of humans, as is well-known. Access to adequate accommodation can be a prerequisite for the enjoyment of several human rights, including the rights to work, health, social security, suffrage, privacy, and education. Humans…

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