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May 20, 2024
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Parliament Security Breach: Who is mastermind Lalit Jha, investigations point to larger conspiracy

New Delhi: In a startling development in the Parliament Security Breach case, five individuals have been apprehended, but the alleged mastermind, Lalit Jha, remains at large. A teacher residing in Kolkata, Lalit Jha, is believed to be the key conspirator behind the breach, with his involvement in an NGO now under investigation by the Special Cell of Delhi Police.

Lalit Jha, the General Secretary of the NGO, reportedly aimed to draw attention to himself by orchestrating the security breach at Parliament House. Inspired by revolutionary martyr Bhagat Singh, Lalit envisioned an act that would capture the nation’s collective attention.

Lalit Jha, residing in Kolkata’s Barabazar area, is professionally engaged as a teacher. He has a background as a unit president of the Samyabadi Subhas Sabha group, an NGO dedicated to tribal education in West Bengal’s Purulia district, as reported by CNN-News18. Lalit actively participated in various initiatives organized by the group.

Originally from Bihar, the absconding individual allegedly shared a video of the incident with the NGO’s founder, Nilaksha Aich, urging her to publicize it. Surprisingly, the founder was not aware of Lalit’s planned smoke protest in advance.

In an interview with the news channel, Nilaksha disclosed that she first met Lalit at an event in Kolkata when he was volunteering for the Indian Association Hall. Impressed by his commitment, she approached him, inviting him to join her organization.

Despite a recent lead locating Lalit Jha in Neemrana, Rajasthan, he managed to evade the special cell during a police raid. Authorities believe there is a larger conspiracy at play, which may only be unveiled upon Lalit Jha’s capture.

The investigation has not revealed any evidence linking these individuals to terrorist organizations, according to a police officer. The six accused, including Lalit, reportedly connected through social media, particularly Facebook. Lalit Jha, who fixed the infiltration date as December 13, called a meeting in Gurugram to plan the breach. Notably, he filmed the color attack on Parliament and shared the video on social media.

The police investigation has further disclosed that Lalit Jha contacted his close friend and NGO partner after the breach. The video of the Parliament attack was sent via WhatsApp around 1 pm on December 13, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding events. As the search for Lalit Jha intensifies, questions about the motives and intricacies of this security breach linger.

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