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April 18, 2024
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Patna High Court rejects Bihar Government’s appeal for early hearing on caste-based survey ban

PATNA: In a significant development, the Patna High Court held a hearing today (Tuesday) regarding the Interlocutory Application (IA) filed by the Bihar government on the contentious issue of caste-based survey. Through this IA, the state government had sought an early hearing in the case after the High Court had imposed a stay on caste census on May 4.

The government argued that considering the importance of caste census, it was crucial to expedite the hearing. However, the court dismissed the state government’s appeal for an early hearing, setting the next hearing date for July 3.

The ban on caste enumeration will remain in effect until the next hearing. The issue of caste-based survey has sparked intense debate and discussions, with proponents arguing for its necessity in addressing social inequalities and opponents expressing concerns about its potential implications and impact on social dynamics.

The decision of the Patna High Court to reject the appeal for an early hearing has generated further anticipation and interest in the final verdict on the matter. All parties involved will await the next hearing with heightened anticipation as the future of caste-based survey in Bihar hangs in the balance.

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