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April 20, 2024
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PM Modi calls for ‘Corruption and Familyism Quit India’ to Save the Nation, slams opposition alliance ‘INDIA’

New Delhi: In a fervent speech at a BJP rally in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed scathing remarks towards the opposition alliance ‘India’, accusing them of attempting to conceal past misdeeds and betrayals. The rally, held on Thursday, saw PM Modi launch a stinging attack on the name change from Congress’s UPA to I.N.D.I.A, which he asserted was a ploy to erase memories of their previous failures, especially concerning the welfare of farmers.

PM Modi questioned the opposition’s commitment to the nation by highlighting instances where they allegedly sought foreign interference and doubted the valor of the Indian armed forces. “If they truly cared about India,” PM Modi asserted, “they wouldn’t have questioned our surgical strikes and airstrikes, or undermined the bravery of our troops in Galwan.” He accused the opposition of displaying a lack of action and compassion during terrorist attacks in the past.

Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s historic “Quit India” movement, PM Modi emphasized the need for a similar fervor to secure India’s bright future. He urged the nation to rally behind the mantra of “Quit corruption India, Familyism Quit India, Tushkiran Quit India,” declaring that only by adopting this resolute attitude could the country progress and transform into a developed India.

PM Modi did not spare the opposition leaders, decrying their history of international posturing for the sake of votes and alleged involvement with divisive elements like the “tukde-tukde gang.” He accused them of sidelining the interests of Indian soldiers and creating divisions within the country.

The Prime Minister’s spirited rally speech underscored his determination to take on the opposition alliance, ‘India’, and present his vision for a progressive and unified nation. As the political landscape heats up, both supporters and critics await the unfolding developments, keeping a close eye on the upcoming political events in the country.

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