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May 19, 2024
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PM Modi targets opposition, emphasizes BJP’s commitment to democracy on party’s 44th foundation day

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers on the party’s 44th foundation day on Thursday. In his address on the occasion, PM Modi once again targeted the opposition parties, saying that hate-filled people are living in desperation and have started openly saying, “Modi teri kabr khudegi. “

Congratulating the BJP workers on foundation day, Modi said “Today we all are celebrating the foundation day of our party. I congratulate each and every BJP worker dedicated to the service of Mother India.”

PM Modi said that he (Opposition) had never thought that Article 370 would one day become history. They are not able to digest the work done by BJP. Today, he has become so desperate that he is now openly saying “Modi teri kabr khudegi.”

In regards to social justice, PM Modi accused several political parties of exploiting the country for their own benefit instead of prioritizing the welfare of the public. He claimed that they favored their own families over the well-being of the citizens.

PM Modi expressed that the BJP emerged from the essence of democracy and continues to flourish with the sustenance of democracy. He emphasized the party’s unwavering commitment to the country’s progress by strengthening its democracy and constitution through their diligent efforts day and night.

Referring to Hanuman Jayanti, PM Modi said, “When Hanuman ji had to face demons, he became equally tough. Similarly, when it comes to corruption, when it comes to nepotism, the law When it comes to the system, the BJP becomes equally determined.”

The prime minister stressed on using technology and training BJP workers in using social media in a better way. 

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