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April 22, 2024
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Police bust major sex racket in Pune’s Wakad area; Bhojpuri actress and Model rescued, three agent arrested

PUNE: A serious sex crime has been uncovered involving a Bhojpuri actress and model who ran a five-star hotel and was allegedly involved in the meat trade in Wakad district of Pune.

According to the report, criminal police followed the lead and successfully set a trap in front of a five-star hotel, the victim was rescued, and three people involved in the illegal activity were arrested.

Wakad Police Department investigator Deben Chavan said the suspect lured the Bhojpuri actress and model into prostitution and charged her clients between 15,000 and 25,000 rupees. After the Criminal Investigation Department verified the information, they used an undercover investigator posing as a customer. Police officers contacted the agent online, who shared photos of the actress and model and even booked a hotel room. Criminal police immediately conducted a night operation on Friday after undercover officers confirmed continued activity at the hotel. The actress and model were rescued, although their identities have not been released, and three people involved in the brawl were arrested.

Those arrested are Prabir P. Majumudar, Dinesh Yadav, and Viraj Yadav. They involved two women in a high-society prostitution trade, promising large financial gains. Wakad Police have further clarified the scope of the brawl’s conspiracy, including the possible involvement of other women in the glamor industry and their associates, who may have engaged in similar illegal activities in other parts of Pimpuri Chinchwad. doing an investigation. Surrounding Area Area run by Constable Chavan.  

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