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April 23, 2024
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“Pregnant woman’s horrific murder in Bihar: In-Laws allegedly kill over unfulfilled dowry demand”

Patna: A horrifying incident has come to light in Bihar’s Purnia district where a 30-year-old pregnant woman, Angoori Begum, was allegedly murdered by her in-laws for not providing a refrigerator as part of her dowry. The heart-wrenching tragedy has shed light on the persisting menace of dowry-related violence that continues to plague Indian society.

According to the report, Angoori Begum, a mother of four, had been married to Mominat Alam since 2012. The couple was expecting their fifth child when the unfathomable crime occurred at their residence in Bela Prasadi Bhawanipur. The gruesome incident unfolded as Angoori’s in-laws reportedly resorted to violence due to the perceived insufficient dowry, specifically targeting the absence of a refrigerator.

Upon discovery of the tragic scene, Angoori’s relatives and local law enforcement were immediately alerted. The in-laws, however, managed to flee their residence in the aftermath of the crime, triggering a search operation by the police.

An autopsy was conducted at Purnia Sadar Hospital and Medical College, confirming that Angoori Begum was seven months pregnant at the time of her death. The loss of a young life, doubly tragic due to her pregnancy, has sent shockwaves through the community and ignited a fresh debate on the grave consequences of dowry-related disputes.

Surflal Paswan, a police home guard, revealed that the preliminary investigation indicated that Angoori had been subjected to fatal physical abuse. The exact circumstances of her death are under thorough examination, with the police committed to ensuring justice for the victim and her family.

Expressing grief and outrage, Angoori’s brother, Kaushar Raja, condemned the horrific act and shed light on the ongoing abuse his sister had endured. “My sister was murdered for a refrigerator. Earlier too, she was physically assaulted by her husband at her in-laws’ house,” Raja disclosed, highlighting the repeated instances of domestic violence suffered by the victim.

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