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May 23, 2024
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‘Primarjit Ikigai’ Book Authored from Nawanshahr find place in World Book Fair

The Hindi book titled ‘Primarjit Ikigai’ released by Governor of Punjab reaches World Book Fair at Delhi. Book is displayed at Pragati Maidan, Hall 5.

Nawanshahr (Punjab): It makes a pride to Nawanshahr/ Punjab that a Hindi book ‘Primarjit Ikigai’  (परिमार्जित इकिगाई) is authored by local resident Ashwani Joshi. It was released from Punjab Raj Bhawan by Governor of Punjab Hon’ble Banwari Lal Purohit on 8th Nov 2022. And later in Mumbai  by Honorable Governor of Maharashtra, told the Author.

“The book encompasses, the  Japanese  and Indian ancient essential Secrets towards the goal of a meaningful, joyful, healthy and living long life,” had said Hon’ble Governor of Punjab while releasing from Raj Bhawan.

‘Primarjit’ in Hindi means ‘improved’  and Ikigai is the Japanese word that derives from ‘Iki’, meaning life and ‘Gai’, meaning the realization of hope & expectations. Discovering your life’s purpose the Primarjit Ikigai, helps you to fill the invisible void in your life.

Knowing own  ‘Ikigai’ helps to know inherent purpose of living much beyond the just Profession and Mission of one’s life, says the author Ashwani Joshi.

Having traveled nearly 160 countries, the author Ashwani Joshi a merchant marine engineer has explained with a unique pictorial work that would help now the readers to know easily their ‘Ikigai’ which otherwise remained a complicated task. 

The book will help people from all walks of life especially the students, to choose right proportion of Vocation, Profession, Passion and Mission which ultimately results in IKIGAI the ‘purpose of living’, thus rewarding with happy, joyful, satisfied, healthy and long life.

“184 pages book ‘Primarjit Ikigai’ Priced Rs400/-  exceptionally contains many research based powerful and proven Indian and Japanese concepts which can help you to improve your Ikigai by yourself. Through famous Shinkansen theory, book also serves to tell why any individual or a nation should dare total changes in any old system if wishes to take big leap in progress,” said the author Ashwani Joshi.

Primarjit Ikigai touches five blue zones of the world where most people live active, never retiring in life, live longer nearing 100 years life. Book tells precisely, how you can live a longer and happier life by knowing your own Ikigai.

Five Blue zones (in Japan, Italy, California, Costa Rica, Greece) where research attribute life longevity to certain exclusive practices which remain highly motivational facts are sharply focussed here, said Joshi.

In nutshell, discovering ones Ikigai would result in  longevity and translates to finding a real purpose for ones being in this universe.

Book is co-authored by Dr Kanchan Thaper Wig from Maharashtra.

Primarjit Ikigai’  book in Hindi is Published by Shroff Publishers at Mumbai is now listed on Amazon



Shroff Publishers Link: https://www.shroffpublishers.com/books/9789355423405/

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