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May 23, 2024
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Revolutionize your hair growth journey with the Latest Hair Booster technology

Get 3X benefit which is better, faster and safer treatment outcomes

New Delhi: – Dr. Batra’s Healthcare; the largest chain of homeopathic clinics in the world, launches the Hair Booster treatment first time in India to revolutionize the hair growth journey in combination with scientifically proven Homeopathic treatments. Hair Booster is a 20-minute painless procedure with a narrow beam for follicular stimulation. It enhances treatment outcome which is safe and hygienic. The laser beams penetrate precisely to the level of hair follicles present in the scalp, causing regeneration and multiplication of hair follicles.

This technology is scientifically proven for hair follicle stimulation with 95% effective regrowth treatment. The latest scientific techniques are specially customized for every individual. Dr. Batra’s are in the hair care treatment since 1982 and successfully treated over 15 lakh patients who trusted the brand with their hair treatments. The brand makes a continual effort to bring the latest technologies from across the world to Dr. Batra's, the latest of which is Hair Booster.

Commenting on this new technology in India, Dr. Akshay Batra, Trichologist and Managing Director of Dr. Batra’s Group of Companies said, “We are the most trusted brand in hair care, and we have introduced newer world-class treatments. We are very excited to bring forth this new advanced technology, Hair Booster, for the first time in India to benefit patients who suffer from hair problems. That is our endeavor to introduce Hair Booster treatment to improve medical outcomes while merging our 250-year homoeopathy science to offer better, faster, and safer results for patients.”

The Hair Booster treatment option will be available in all Dr. Batra’s® clinics across India.

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