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May 23, 2024
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Russia launches second missile attack on Ukraine in three days, one dead, 25 injured, including children

Ukraine Air Defense Intercepts Only Three out of 18 Missiles Launched by Rus

Russia Ukraine War: Russia has continued its missile attack on Ukraine, marking the second attack in just three days. The most recent attack resulted in one death and 25 people being injured, including three children, in the Kherson region and Dnipropetrovsk. Ukraine’s air defense force was only able to successfully intercept three out of 18 missiles launched. The town of Pavlohrad, located near Dnipro, was also targeted, resulting in damage to 19 high-rise apartment blocks, 25 private homes, six schools and kindergartens, and five shops.

According to the report, It’s worth noting that Pavlohrad is under Ukraine’s control and located 110 kilometers away from the war front. This comes as Russia continues to launch rapid attacks on Ukraine, even in areas close to the war front. Just days prior, an attack near the central city of Osman claimed the lives of 23 individuals.

The Ukrainian government has not yet issued a statement regarding Russia’s most recent attack. However, officials have previously stated that they will do everything in their power to protect civilians in these areas, including increasing their military presence and strengthening their air defense capabilities. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, the international community is watching with growing concern and calls for peace and diplomacy to resolve the conflict.

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