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April 21, 2024
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Russia: Putin criticize homosexuality, says- “we have to save our children from this degradation and ruin and we will do it”

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday addressed his countrymen on the occasion of completion of one year of Ukraine war.

As soon as Vladimir Putin started his address, people stood up in his honor.

Apart from criticizing Ukraine’s ‘special operation’ and Western countries, Vladimir Putin has once again strongly criticized gay rights.

He said that family means ‘the union of a man and a woman’. All the holy books of this world have also said the same, but western countries are doubting these holy books.

Regarding homosexuality, he said that we have to save our children from this degradation and ruin and we will do it.

When Putin was criticizing homosexuality, the people present in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor Hall applauded fiercely.

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia has all the financial resources it needs to guarantee its national security and development despite Western economic sanctions.

West has stolen our gold and forex reserves. West provoked price increases, loss of jobs. Their aim is to make our people suffer, he added.

He said, ‘Our fighters are fighting for the future, for restoration of historical justice. We all understand how hard it is for the relatives of the fallen soldiers. I propose to set up special state fund to support veterans and fallen soldiers’.

What to Putin say during his address?

  • This time is complex and challenging for his country. And in the meanwhile this world is changing rapidly.
  • Historical events will decide the future of his country and we all are bound by a great responsibility.
  • Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a ‘special operation’. Russia was constantly battling Nazi threats.
  • The government of Ukraine was also continuously promoting hatred and threats towards Russia.
  • The people of Ukraine were waiting for Russia to come and help them.
  • Russia tried to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in the Donbas region.
  • The commitment of western countries to restore peace is nothing but a ‘deception’ and a ‘huge lie’.
  • Ukraine was trying to collect biological and nuclear weapons. We are trying our best to find a peaceful solution to this problem.
  • We are looking for a peaceful way to end this difficult conflict, but a very different atmosphere has been created behind our backs.
  • The region of Ukraine and Donbass has become a symbol of complete lies.
  • Western countries and Ukraine are responsible for this campaign.
  • They want to end the competition by attacking directly towards the east.
  • Western countries want the local conflict to be converted into a global conflict.
  • Western countries retreated from the basic agreement and made hypocritical statements.
  • He was engaged in expanding the Nato alliance.
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