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February 22, 2024
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Security Lapses at Parliament: Swift action follows Parliament Breach as seven security personnel suspended

New Delhi: On the solemn anniversary of the terrorist attack on Parliament, Wednesday witnessed a significant security breach that left people astonished. Despite stringent security measures, two individuals managed to infiltrate the Lok Sabha from the audience gallery during its proceedings. The intruders, amidst raising slogans, dispersed yellow smoke using cans.

Quick action followed the breach, with both individuals apprehended immediately. Subsequently, a man and a woman were arrested for protesting outside Parliament with canisters emitting yellow and red smoke. Their slogans emphasized the resilience against dictatorship and other protest messages.

In response to the security lapse, seven personnel have been suspended, with the possibility of further actions against others involved. Parliament security has been intensified post-incident, permitting only Members of Parliament through Makar Gate, subjecting all entrants to thorough checks, including the removal of shoes.

The Union Home Ministry, acting on the Lok Sabha Secretariat’s request, has initiated an inquiry into the security lapse. A committee, led by Central Reserve Police Force Director General Anish Dayal Singh, will investigate the incident, with additional members and experts from various security agencies. The committee’s mandate is to identify the reasons behind the security lapse and recommend appropriate actions.

Unraveling the identities of the security breach culprits, police sources reveal that the six individuals involved hail from different cities across the country. They allegedly coordinated the breach through messaging platforms, residing in a Gurugram, Haryana flat. The breach occurred at approximately 1:01 am during a Lok Sabha session when Bharatiya Janata Party member Khagen Murmu was addressing an issue during Zero Hour. Eyewitness accounts from MPs present in the House describe one person attempting to cross the bench to reach a seat, while another was observed hanging from the audience gallery railing before leaping into the chamber.

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