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May 23, 2024
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Bihar: “Shaheed Atiq Ahamad Amar Rahe, Modi-Yogi Murdabad” Muslim community raises slogans in support of Atiq Ahmed in Patna

PATNA: The Capital City of Patna is abuzz with news of the recent killing of notorious mafia don, Atiq Ahmed, and his brother Ashraf in police custody in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The manner in which they were killed has sparked widespread outrage, with opposition parties and Muslim leaders alleging a well-planned conspiracy behind the murders.

In the wake of this incident, the people of the Muslim community in Patna came together to offer prayers before Eid at Jama Masjid. After the prayer of goodbye, they raised slogans in support of Atiq Ahmed, chanting ‘Ateeq Ahmed Amar Rahe’ and ‘Shaheed Ateeq Ahmed.’ The slogans were also directed at the Modi government at the Center and the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh, holding them responsible for the killings.

However, the BJP has strongly objected to the sloganeering by the Muslim community in support of Atiq after the prayer of goodbye. BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul accused the people of wanting to make India an Islamic nation and demanded that the Nitish government take strict action against such people. He also warned that if action was not taken, Bihar would become like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bachaul’s comments have been met with criticism from Muslim leaders and opposition parties, who accuse the BJP of communalizing the issue and trying to polarize the society. The incident has once again brought to the fore the issue of law and order in Uttar Pradesh and the role of the police in custodial deaths.

The killing of Atiq Ahmed and his brother has sent shockwaves across the country and has led to calls for an impartial investigation into the incident. The protests by the Muslim community in Patna are a reminder of the need to address the grievances of marginalized communities and to ensure that justice is served.

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