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April 22, 2024
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Sushil Modi’s attack on Nitish Kumar’s statement, says – “India to be not BJP free, while Bihar will definitely JDU free till 2024”

PATNA: BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP and former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi have sharply attacked the Bihar’s Chief Minister after Nitish Kumar’s allegation on BJP. He has said that the country is not BJP free, but JDU will definitely become free till 2025 assembly elections.

Modi said, Nitish Kumar’s popularity decreased due to which JDU was reduced to 44 seats in the assembly elections. Today Nitish Kumar is accusing BJP.

He said that JDU lost in the recent Gopalganj and Kurhani elections as well, why so.

According to the statement on Sunday, Sushil Modi said that Nitish Kumar has accepted his failure in the campaign of opposition unity. Kumar should prepare for 2029 and not for 2024.

He said that a person like JP is needed for opposition unity, who does not aspire for power. While attacking, Modi said, it is obvious that the Chief Minister who aspires to become the Prime Minister can never become a JP.

The party which could not win even one of the three by-elections in Bihar, which has no base outside the state and which was rejected even by the Bihari voters of Delhi, is dreaming of hoisting the flag on the Red Fort of the country.

On Sunday, Nitish Kumar accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of conspiring against the Janata Dal United in 2020 assembly elections.

He said that in the 2020 assembly polls, the Janata Dal was working against the United despite being an ally in the BJP alliance.

In a program of Janata Dal United, Nitish Kumar alleged that the reason for his party’s poor performance in the last election was the alliance partner BJP.

Kumar alleged that his party’s unsatisfactory performance in the last assembly elections was because of the then alliance partner BJP.

National President of Janata Dal United (JDU) Lalan Singh also said in the open session of the party that in 2024, BJP will create a free India. It is not very difficult. In JDU’s open session, Lalan Singh said that defeating BJP in 2024 is no longer difficult. Lalan Singh said, “We are going to win all 40 out of 40 seats in Bihar in the Lok Sabha elections, there should be no doubt about it. There are only a few seats more than the majority, isn’t it, it is not going to increase. Now 2024 BJP-free India will build.”

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