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April 23, 2024
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Tragedy Strikes Kota: Two students die by suicide on same day, Coaching test ban enforced

Kota, Rajasthan: In a heart-wrenching turn of events, two students lost their lives in Kota on Sunday, prompting authorities to impose a two-month ban on coaching institute tests. The incidents, which are currently being investigated as suicides, have reignited concerns over the pressure and mental health challenges faced by students preparing for competitive exams.

The victims, identified as Sambhaji, a 16-year-old from Maharashtra, and Adarsh, an 18-year-old from Bihar, met their tragic fates on the same day in separate incidents. Sambhaji, who hailed from Latur, was attending a test at the Kasle coaching institute when he plunged from the sixth floor at around 3:15 PM, tragically losing his life instantly. Disturbing CCTV footage captured the heart-wrenching moment, showing him falling from the building. Sambhaji had been residing in Kota’s Talwandi area.

In another unfortunate incident, Adarsh, who had relocated to Kota just four months ago for NEET coaching, was discovered hanging in his room in the evening. The 18-year-old, originally from Bihar, shared an apartment with his siblings in the landmark area. The grim discovery was made when he did not respond to meal calls, leading to the unfortunate revelation.

Authorities have speculated that the stress of performing poorly on the institute’s tests might have contributed to the students’ distress, ultimately leading to their untimely deaths. Superintendent of Police (SP) Kota City, Sharad Chowdhary, conveyed that both cases were confirmed as suicides, with Sambhaji leaping from the coaching institute’s sixth floor and Adarsh taking his life in his own room.

The incidents have spurred discussions about the mounting pressures faced by students in Kota, known as an educational hub where thousands of students flock to prepare for various competitive exams. In light of the twin tragedies, authorities are contemplating establishing a dedicated police station catering to student issues.

Rajasthan’s District Collector, OP Bunkar, reacting promptly to the tragic events, has issued an order halting coaching institute tests for the next two months. This measure aims to provide a reprieve to the students and avert potential undue stress. It’s worth noting that despite prior directives against conducting tests on Sundays, coaching institutes had continued to do so.

This recent spate of student deaths, which marks a total of five in the span of August alone and 23 this year, has reignited concerns voiced by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Earlier discussions with coaching institutes and the police administration had sought to address the challenges students face, but it appears that these measures are struggling to prevent further tragedies.

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