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June 14, 2024
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Uniform Civil Code must make pension laws also uniform: Ashwani Joshi

Nawanshahr: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, batting for the creation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), has once again opened the floodgates for debates among religions as to how it will impact their personal laws.

 The renowned social activist from Nawanshahr said,” The Unifom Civil Code in true sense must be uniform. The law makers must ensure that the Pension eligibility period and provisions applicable to the parliamentarians themselves be made applicable to all govt employees.”

Joshi critically said that uniform civil code must end differences of rights and privileges among various civil and defence services. He asked how can you say it is uniform if parliamentarian themselves  take away pension benifits just by even a few months service? Bitterly other govt employees are differently made to serves for different length of time making it non uniform.

Whereas the main aim of present UCC proposals seems to streamline only laws related to marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, succession, and guardianship. Hence people and the law makers must work to make it really Unifom in all services too.

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