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June 14, 2024
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Violence erupts during Nag Panchami procession in Bihar’s Bagaha and Motihari; Clashes and stone pelting between two communities

Motihari, Bihar – A wave of chaos and clashes swept through the streets of Bagaha and Motihari in Bihar during the Mahaviri flag procession on the auspicious occasion of Nag Panchami. Tensions escalated as clashes erupted between two communities, resulting in a volley of stones being hurled and causing widespread disruption. A video capturing the intense clashes has circulated, shedding light on the gravity of the situation.

The unrest unfurled across three distinct locations, with Bagaha and Motihari bearing the brunt of the clashes. The spark that ignited the clashes was the pelting of stones at the procession in Bagaha. The ensuing violence spiraled into acts of vandalism and arson, leaving the affected areas in a state of turmoil.

while, in Motihari, namely Mehsi, Kalyanpur, and Tharpa, confrontations between the two groups ensued after stone pelting marred the Yatra (procession). Swift action was taken to deploy a heavy police presence at all three locations in order to regain control over the escalating situation.

According to the News Agency ANI, Bihar’s SDPO Nand Parsad says, “…Force and Magistrate are present everywhere. It is peaceful now…We are keeping an eye…I request everybody to participate in the Mahaviri Yatra peacefully.”

However, the atmosphere took a grim turn as miscreants launched stones at the procession. The act triggered a violent clash between the opposing sides, leading to further chaos. Among the ensuing mayhem, several bikes were set ablaze, leaving numerous casualties in its wake, including police officers and journalists.

In response to the escalating situation, a substantial contingent of police personnel and officials swiftly arrived on the scene, attempting to restore order and safety to the area. Both the Bagaha Superintendent of Police (SP) and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) were present on-site, coordinating efforts to quell the unrest.

The tense situation rapidly escalated as both sides retaliated with stone pelting, plunging the area into a chaotic state. As a result of the clashes, shop shutters were forcibly brought down, and key intersections, including the bank intersection, were closed off. The situation further deteriorated as some vehicles fell victim to arson.

Among the casualties and injuries incurred, a notable portion consisted of law enforcement officers alongside civilians. In response to the escalating situation, additional police reinforcements were dispatched to the scene. The police maintain an active vigil to monitor the situation closely and prevent further escalations.

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