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June 22, 2024
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WATCH: Big fire breaks out in Venugopal Swamy Temple in Duva village, Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati: A fire broke out in Duva village of West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. The fire started in the pandal of Venugopal Swamy temple and quickly spread, causing a lot of damage to the temple.

The fire broke out in the evening when many people were praying in the temple. The flames spread quickly, and people were very upset and scared. A video of the fire has gone viral on the internet, showing the temple’s roof on fire and people looking very worried.

According to ANI, Andhra Pradesh: Fire breaks out at a temple in Duva village in West Godavari district during Rama Navami celebrations. No casualties reported.

The local authorities were informed, and firefighters came to the scene to control the fire. They worked very hard to put out the fire, but the temple still suffered a lot of damage. We do not know how much damage the temple has suffered.

We do not know what caused the fire, but an investigation is being done to find out. People in Duva village are very upset and sad about what has happened because the temple is very important to them.

Firefighters immediately reached the spot and brought the fire under control.

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