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May 18, 2024
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Watch Video: Navjot Singh Sidhu condemns removal of security arrangements for popular Punjabi Singer Sidhu Musewala

CHANDIGARH: Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu made a statement on Monday regarding the recent removal of security arrangements for Sidhu Musewala, a well-known singer from Punjab. Speaking to the media in Mansa village, Sidhu criticized the Punjab government for its decision to withdraw Musewala’s security, stating that it was a matter of concern and may be part of a larger political conspiracy.

According to Sidhu, Sidhu Musewala is a pride of Punjab and an inspiration to the youth, and the government should not take his safety for granted. He further questioned the government’s responsibility to protect the life and property of its citizens, or is it involved in criminal activities?

The Congress leader also questioned why the security of a world-renowned star like Sidhu Musewala was reduced, and why this decision was made public. He expressed concerns that the same could happen to him and that it might be part of a larger political conspiracy.

Sidhu Musewala is a popular singer in Punjab, known for his unique style of music and singing. He has a large following among the youth and is often considered an icon of Punjabi culture. His removal of security arrangements has caused concern among his fans and well-wishers, who fear for his safety.

Significantly, Sidhu Musewala was murdered only after his security system was removed.

A day before the murder, the Punjab government had either withdrawn or reduced the security provided to more than 400 people. Sidhu Musewala’s name was also among them.

In this case, on June 20, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had told that a person named Manpreet Mannu had first fired at Moosewala, after which five more shooters had fired at Moosewala.

The removal of security arrangements for Sidhu Musewala is a matter of concern and requires immediate attention from the government. The safety and security of citizens, especially those who have made significant contributions to society, must be given top priority. The government should take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of Sidhu Musewala and other citizens at all times.

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