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May 23, 2024
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Watch video: Devotees offer ‘live crabs’ to Lord Shiva at Ramnath Shiv Ghela temple in Gujarat’s Surat

Surat: In the city of Surat, Gujarat, the devotees of Lord Shiva offer live crab once a year to fulfill their wishes and on this day, the relatives of the deceased in the cremation ground feed and drink things according to the wishes of the dead so that their souls may rest in peace. .

On this day in Surat, live crabs are offered to Lord Shiva in the Rundhanath Mahadev temple instead of flower garlands. In this temple named Rundhanath Mahadev, on this day those people who are physically suffering from one or the other disease come to visit, but in this also the number of those who are suffering from ear disease is more.

As per news agency ANI report, “There is a belief that if you offer crabs here then your ear-related problems will be cured, said Falguni, a devotee “Crabs are offered here once a year. We believe that by offering crabs here our children will not have any ear pain,” said Pushpa, another devotee.

On this day, only those people come to offer crabs to the Shivling, whose vow has been fulfilled and some devotees come in front of God to ask for a vow to fulfill their wishes. You must have seen offering flowers and garlands in many temples of the country, but this is a unique custom in itself to offer live crabs and this is probably the first temple in the country where live crabs are offered to please God.

There is an age-old tradition of offering crabs in this Rundhanath Shiva temple in Surat, but many reasons have been heard to get one’s wishes fulfilled by offering crabs. It is said that this temple was built by Lord Shri Ram during his exile while worshiping Lord Shiva here and since then this temple is in existence. It is believed that in ancient times, when the sea used to flow at the place of the temple, then only such an incident happened, after which the belief of offering crabs is going on till today.

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