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February 28, 2024
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Watch Video: “Rahul Gandhi’s journey with truck drivers continues: from Delhi to Chandigarh and now in America”

NEW DELHI: In a unique and eye-opening experience, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi embarked on a journey alongside truck driver Taljinder Singh during his visit to the United States. Rahul Gandhi, known for his efforts to understand the challenges faced by various sections of society, shared a video of their journey on his Twitter account, shedding light on the disparities faced by Indian truck drivers.

The video, posted by Rahul Gandhi, captures the candid conversation between him and Taljinder Singh during their truck journey. In the footage, Rahul Gandhi can be heard expressing his concern about the lack of consideration for driver comfort in India, stating, “The truck owners in India have nothing to do with the driver’s comfort.”

As the truck journey continues, Rahul Gandhi poses a question to Taljinder, asking about his earnings as a truck driver. Taljinder responds, shedding light on the stark contrast between truck driving opportunities in India and the United States. He shares, “According to India, a lot is made. Even if we do driving, then four to five lakh rupees are made. Here, the trucker can easily make eight to ten thousand dollars, which, in Indian currency, makes eight lakh rupees.”

Taljinder’s response highlights the challenges faced by Indian truck drivers in making a decent living. He emphasizes that driving a truck in America enables a person to support their family adequately, whereas in India, it is difficult for truck drivers to manage their family’s expenses.

This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has chosen to experience the realities of truck drivers firsthand. Previously, he traveled from Delhi to Chandigarh with a group of truck drivers, aiming to gain insights into their daily struggles and understand the issues they face on the road.

Rahul Gandhi’s decision to travel with Taljinder Singh and document their journey demonstrates his commitment to understanding the ground realities faced by different sections of society. By sharing the video on social media, he aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Indian truck drivers and advocate for their betterment.

The experience of traveling with Taljinder Singh and the insightful conversation captured in the video will likely contribute to shaping Rahul Gandhi’s understanding of the issues faced by truck drivers in India. It is expected that he will leverage this knowledge to advocate for policy changes and reforms that address the concerns of this vital workforce.

As the video garners attention on social media platforms, it serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and addressing the difficulties faced by truck drivers in India. Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to bridge the gap between policymakers and the grassroots level through such experiences contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic political discourse.

Overall, Rahul Gandhi’s journey with truck driver Taljinder Singh in America serves as a means to shed light on the challenges faced by Indian truck drivers and advocate for their improved living conditions and working standards. By amplifying their voices and sharing their stories, he aims to bring about positive change and ensure a more equitable society for all.

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