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April 13, 2024
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Watch Video: “We are not afraid of anyone, Manish Kashyap exposed Bihar jail drug racket

Bettiah:  Bihar popular YouTuber Manish Kashyap has fearlessly exposed a drug racket operating within Bihar’s prison system, while holding the government responsible. Kashyap, who has been incarcerated for the past six months, now faces additional challenges due to allegations under the National Security Act (NSA).

Despite relocating from a Tamil Nadu prison to his home state of Bihar, Manish Kashyap’s problems persist. His YouTube channel is grappling with financial difficulties, and his bank account remains frozen.

In a media interview, Kashyap strongly attaked the Bihar government, claimed, “We are the sons of soldiers, and my father fought for our country. We will not cower in fear of these individuals.” He went on to express that he had remained silent for the last six months, emphasizing that an honest man was now in shackles.

However, Kashyap also exposed the drug racket running in the jail of Bihar. In the video he is saying that drug trade is going on openly in the jails of Bihar. Attacking the police officers, he said, drugs are being imported from outside the jail, I have been harassed by drugist.

Regarding the crimes happening every day in Bihar and criticizing the Bihar government, Kashyap pointed out that no one felt safe anymore. He highlighted instances of inspectors, journalists, and contractors being brazenly murdered in broad daylight.

Notably, Manish Kashyap’s mother recently sent a letter to President Draupadi Murmu, pleading for her son’s release. Kashyap faces serious charges in both Bihar and Tamil Nadu, with the latter registering a case against him under the NSA.

Manish Kashyap, also known as Tripurari Kumar Tiwari, is widely popular on YouTube and Facebook in Bihar. The 32-year-old engineering graduate from Pune began posting videos addressing local issues on social media around 2016-17, which contributed to his rise in popularity.

Kashyap was arrested on March 18 of this year and has been incarcerated initially in the Beur jail in Patna, Tamil Nadu, and subsequently in Bihar.

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