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June 22, 2024
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‘We Will Remove Modi Ji’, Opposition’s Pledge, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav’s strong statements at India Alliance Conference”

Mumbai– In a significant move towards building a united front against the ruling government, leaders of various opposition parties within the India alliance convened for a two-day meeting in Mumbai. The meeting culminated in a joint press conference held on Friday, where alliance leaders outlined their shared vision and determination for the upcoming political battles.

Nitish Kumar, a prominent figure in the alliance and former Bihar Chief Minister, began the conference by addressing the media and expressing the importance of the meeting. “You all know that the third meeting took place today,” he stated. “I have told you what things have been agreed upon. Now we will go to various places and address people.”

Kumar went on to comment on the media landscape, suggesting that those in the center of power would face challenges ahead. “It has been decided. The media itself has been taken over. They do less and print more. You press people will be free,” he declared. He urged the media to support the alliance’s work and stated, “Now that we all have become one, keep promoting our work.”

Furthermore, Kumar emphasized the impact of media coverage on public perception. “If the people of the press write, then how much effect is there on the public?” he questioned. He voiced concern that the achievements of the state were not adequately covered, stating, “The work done by the state is not published about it.”

Taking a swipe at the ruling government, Kumar alleged, “They keep trying to convert Hindus into Muslims in the country, but we all together will not allow this to happen.” He underscored the importance of unity among opposition parties and said, “We used to tell everyone to get together, get together. Now all the people have met. Elections can be held ahead of time.”

Lalu Prasad Yadav, the former Bihar Chief Minister and another prominent voice within the alliance, also addressed the press conference. Yadav expressed the alliance’s determination to unseat the incumbent government, stating, “The country had to bear the brunt of the opposition not being united. We will die only after removing Modi ji, we have taken this resolution. Listen Modi ji.”

Praising former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Yadav urged the current Prime Minister to follow “Rajdharma.” He also encouraged Sharad Pawar to stand firm and maintain the strength of his party.

Reflecting on the significance of the alliance’s unity, Yadav commented, “I am very happy that the leaders of different parties have united. Earlier we were not united, which benefited Narendra Modi.” He used wordplay to describe the BJP, saying, “He explained the meaning of BJP. Bha means India, J means burn and Pa means party.”

Yadav also touched on economic concerns, mentioning rising vegetable prices. “Okra has become 60 rupees per kg. You know how expensive tomatoes have become,” he lamented.

In his closing remarks, Yadav criticized the ruling party’s unfulfilled promises and alleged targeting of opposition leaders by investigative agencies. “Listen, Modi ji! We have been fighting you since the time of Gujarat riots,” he stated, recalling past disagreements. “We assure Rahul Gandhi that we are all one and will fight together. Now the talk of seat sharing will start. We will make India win even after losing ourselves and will defeat Modi.”

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