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June 20, 2024
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Why does my body feel colder than usual in winter? Which foods can naturally keep you warm in chilly weather?

Chilly weather: As the winter season unfolds, a biting cold sets in, and the pace of change is palpable. It’s only natural to experience the chill during these months. However, we’re not alone in this encounter; many around us share the struggle against the cold, often leading to issues like coughs and sore throats. While we wrap ourselves in cozy sweaters, shawls, and huddle close to heaters to ward off the external cold, it’s important to recognize that these measures only provide external warmth, falling short of ensuring overall health.

Experts suggest that feeling excessively cold may signal an underlying deficiency in the body. In the cold weather, our bodies tend to lose heat more rapidly than they can generate it. The sensation of cold is our body’s ingenious mechanism, urging us to generate internal warmth and restore our temperature to normalcy.

In these chilly times, it’s not just about battling the external cold; it’s a holistic endeavor to ensure our internal systems are adequately nourished and functioning optimally. Embracing the warmth of sweaters and heaters is a step in the right direction, but addressing internal needs is equally crucial for a healthy and resilient winter experience.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind the body feeling exceptionally cold in this season.

Thyroid Troubles

The thyroid plays a pivotal role in our perception of cold. Nestled in the neck in a butterfly-shaped gland, it produces hormones crucial for maintaining body warmth. These hormones ensure the proper functioning of all body parts. However, when the thyroid fails to produce an adequate quantity of these hormones, an individual may experience an overwhelming sensation of coldness, necessitating consultation with medical professionals.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Similarly, iron deficiency anemia can contribute to heightened cold sensitivity. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin in our bodies. In instances of iron deficiency, individuals often experience fatigue, dizziness, and weakness, accompanied by a sensation of coldness beyond the normal threshold. Recognizing these signs becomes crucial, prompting the need for medical attention to address the underlying iron deficiency.

What diseases can you get from being cold?

Extreme cold can lead to various health risks, with the first impact being on the skin. When nerves beneath the skin signal to the brain that it’s cold, a protective response is initiated. The brain acts swiftly to prevent the internal body temperature from plummeting, sending messages to all organs to counteract the drop. It orchestrates a collective effort, instructing internal and external organs to maintain a safe temperature. As a result, the body’s muscles slow down their pace of work.

The human body has a limited tolerance for excessively low temperatures, and if they persist, severe consequences may unfold. Experts caution that when the temperature drops significantly, many bodily functions cease, and in extreme cases, this can lead to multi-organ failure, risking life itself. This chilling condition is termed hypothermia.

To combat the effects of extreme cold, individuals can take proactive measures. Seeking refuge in a warm environment, donning heavy clothing, or indulging in warm beverages are effective ways to increase body temperature. However, if these efforts prove insufficient and cold symptoms persist, it is imperative to seek medical attention. Warning signs such as intense fatigue, chest pain, unusual or severe stomach pain, and difficulty in breathing should be heeded, prompting a consultation with a healthcare professional to ensure timely and appropriate intervention.

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Which medicine to take for cold and choked throat?

As per the doctor’s recommendation, the safest recourse for addressing cold, fever, cough, or throat pain is to opt for paracetamol. It is advised to take paracetamol tablets 3-4 times a day as needed. If the symptoms persist beyond 7 days, seeking professional medical advice becomes crucial. In such instances, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to eliminate any bacterial infections. Individuals dealing with a sore throat can find relief through lozenges, while various home remedies prove effective. Combining honey with ginger juice and lemon is one such remedy known to alleviate throat discomfort. Additionally, gargling with salt water is recognized for its efficacy in reducing bacterial infections.

What to eat when you feel very cold?

To naturally keep your body warm from within, incorporating specific items into your diet can not only provide energy but also help ward off diseases, offering relief from cold, cough, fatigue, and various other issues. These dietary additions can even contribute to preventing flu infections.

  1. Honey

Honey, known for its sweet taste and rich nutrient profile, is highly beneficial during winter days.

It not only energizes the body but also strengthens the immune system, offering relief from a sore throat.

  • Ghee

Desi ghee contains an ample amount of fatty acids, contributing to maintaining a balanced body temperature.

Regular consumption of ghee during the winter season can prove highly advantageous.

  • Jaggery

With its warming properties, jaggery is a valuable addition to your winter diet.

Rich in calories, jaggery can be used to make sweet dishes or enjoyed on its own, simultaneously fortifying the digestive system.


Cinnamon is considered highly beneficial in winter, contributing to increased body metabolism and generating internal heat.

For those dealing with a cough problem, consuming cinnamon water can be particularly soothing.

  • Mustard

Mustard contains allyl isothiocyanate, a compound that enhances the process of maintaining body temperature.

Including mustard and mustard oil in your diet can be effective in keeping the body warm during colder periods.

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