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April 13, 2024
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‘Will die of hunger due to lack of access to food and water’ 31 Kannadigas stranded in Sudan’s Darfur region, wait for Indian govt’s assistance

Khartoum: 31 Indian migrants from Karnataka’s Channagiri, who belong to the Hakki Pikki tribe, are stranded in Sudan’s Darfur region and are waiting for help from the Indian government. The group moved to Sudan in July 2022 with hopes of earning a sustainable livelihood for their families and children. However, the region has been engulfed in violence, and clashes between the regular army and a paramilitary force called the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have put the lives of these migrants in danger.

S Prabhu, a tribal from Karnataka, spoke to The Quint and narrated the constant presence of gunfire, explosions, and violence around their compound. Prabhu expressed his fears of becoming collateral damage, and he said, “We are being told not to go out. We might get killed because of gunfire, but if we stay inside, we will die of hunger and starvation.” He also highlighted an incident where a bullet entered their compound and nearly hit a fellow Hakki Pikki tribal.

Moreover, Usha, the mother of two of the migrants, expressed her worries about her children who were stuck in Khartoum, almost 800 km away. She said that they were not getting food at night, had no drinking water, and barely any food. She urged the Indian government to help her children and the other stranded migrants.

Prabhu alleged that the 31 Kannadigas have received no information from the Indian authorities about any help being on the way. Although he spoke to Rajan twice and was assured of help, he clarified that there were no talks with any other Indian ministry. The stranded migrants are anxiously waiting for help from the Indian government and hope to be rescued soon.

According to news agency Reuters, ‘People in Sudan are running out of food, they are running out of fuel and they are running out of other vital supplies,’ United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric said as Sudan‘s ceasefire attempts failed and hospitals were affected in Khartoum..

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