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May 22, 2024
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Age no longer a barrier: Bihar Government eases age limit for Teacher recruitment

Bihar: – In exciting news for aspiring teachers in Bihar, the state government has announced the upcoming recruitment of 1.70 lakh school teachers in 2023. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) will soon release the official advertisement for the recruitment process. Notably, the new teacher manual for 2023 mandates that aspiring teachers must pass the BPSC examination in order to qualify for teaching positions.

Simultaneously, the government has issued a notification regarding a significant change in the age limit rules for new teacher recruitment. The Bihar government has decided to grant a relaxation of up to 10 years in the age limit for eligible candidates. This exemption will specifically benefit employed trained teachers who have already passed the eligibility test. It comes as a great relief for those candidates who were worried about exceeding the maximum age limit for recruitment.

The relaxation in age limit is primarily aimed at addressing the concerns of employed teachers whose age had surpassed the existing limits. In response to this issue, the government has made the decision to simplify the rules and offer greater flexibility. As outlined in the government notification, teachers currently working under the Panchayati Raj institutions and the municipal bodies will receive relaxation in the maximum age limit. This means that trained teachers who have already passed the Teacher Eligibility Test will be eligible for a discount of up to 10 years in the age limit, enabling them to participate in the recruitment process.

The announcement has been welcomed by aspiring teachers and education professionals across Bihar. The relaxation in age limit provides a fair opportunity for experienced teachers to continue their careers and contribute to the education sector in the state. It is expected to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates who may have previously been deterred by the age restrictions.

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