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September 21, 2023
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WhatsApp launches Screen Sharing feature during Video Calls”

New Delhi- In a bid to enhance user experience and foster more interactive communication, WhatsApp has unveiled a remarkable new feature that expands the horizons of screen sharing. This novel development allows users not only to share their computer screens but also to engage in screen sharing during WhatsApp video calls, further solidifying the platform’s…

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“Twitter’s Tweet-Heart Bird retires: Elon Musk reshaping Twitter’s visual identity as X”

Twitter’s New ‘X’ Logo Design: Twitter’s iconic bird logo, synonymous with the social media giant’s identity since its inception, is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. The announcement was made by none other than Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who now heads Twitter as well. Musk took to Twitter…

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“Jio Bharat V2 Phone sales commence in across Punjab, aiming to empower 80 lakh 2G users”

“Jio Donates Hundreds of Jio Bharat Phones to Needy Individuals in Punjab” Chandigarh, Towards realizing the vision of a 2G free India, Jio recently announced the launch of Jio Bharat V2 4G phone. Taking it further, Jio has commenced the sale of Jio Bharat V2 phone across all the urban and rural markets of Punjab…

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Reliance Jio launches affordable 4G phone ‘Jio Bharat V2’ for Rs 999, targets 25 Crore 2G customers

Mukesh Ambani Champions the Cause for a 2G-Free India Reliance Jio Introduces ‘Jio Bharat Platform’ to Drive Digital Transformation ‘Jio Bharat Platform’: Empowering Phone Brands to Create ‘Bharat Phones’Carbon Company Embraces ‘Jio Bharat Platform’ for Enhanced Phone Development Enjoy 14 GB of Data with Reliance Jio’s Affordable Monthly Plan at Rs 123 NEW DELHI: Reliance…

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Reliance Jio becomes the first operator to cover all district headquarters of Punjab with 5G services

Jio users in 96 towns of Punjab including Chandigarh tricity to enjoy Jio true 5G Chandigarh: Reliance Jio today announced that it has become the first and only operator to cover each and every District Headquarter of Punjab with its True 5G services. Jio launched its True 5G services in Punjab’s 26 more cities today. …

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WhatsApp introduces new feature allowing users to run same account on multiple phones

WhatsApp New Feature: Messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will allow users to run the same account on multiple devices simultaneously. With this new feature, users can link up to four phones to one account, and all messages, pictures, and other media will be end-to-end encrypted on each device. The new feature…

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Jio users set a new record, use 10 exabyte data in a month

• A Jio user is consuming 23.1 GB data per month• Jio True 5G rollout and spread of Fiber Connections has led to the increase in usage• In 2 years, data consumption is up by 1.8 times• An average user is consuming 1,003 voice minutes every month New Delhi: Jio users have consumed 10 exabyte…

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Reliance Jio becomes the first operator to cover entire Delhi – Amritsar National Highway (NH) with 5G services

Jio users in all towns across nh from Amritsar to Delhi to enjoy jio true 5G Chandigarh: Reliance Jio today announced that it has become the first and only operator to cover the entire 450 Kms long Delhi – Amritsar National Highway (NH) with 5G services. Jio True 5G services are now live in Delhi…

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Jalandhar: Jio becomes the first operator to launch 5G services in HMV college

Jio launches true 5g services in HMV college Thousands of students and staff members to benefit from Jio True 5G services Jio users in HMV College to enjoy Truly Unlimited 5G Data with up to 1 Gbps+ speed, at no additional cost Jalandhar: Reliance Jio announced the launch of Jio True 5G services in HMV…

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The world’s first person to make a call from a mobile phone

Mobile phone: It is a known fact that Martin Cooper changed the world. Today, we can communicate with anyone through the internet without any interruption. Before his invention, people had to write letters or use telegraph or telephone to communicate with others. But the invention of the mobile phone initiated a new era of communication….

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