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June 20, 2024
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Winter itch woes: Natural tips for soothing dryness and itching

Winter itch: With the onset of winter, our bodies often experience increased dryness, leading to rough and itchy skin. This dryness is not limited to the face but extends to the hands and feet, causing discomfort. The cold weather takes a toll on our skin, making it appear dry, lifeless, and eventually itchy, sometimes resulting…

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Why does my body feel colder than usual in winter? Which foods can naturally keep you warm in chilly weather?

Chilly weather: As the winter season unfolds, a biting cold sets in, and the pace of change is palpable. It’s only natural to experience the chill during these months. However, we’re not alone in this encounter; many around us share the struggle against the cold, often leading to issues like coughs and sore throats. While…

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Fat loss diet: Effective tips and diet to rapidly lose belly fat

Fat loss and weight loss: Are you currently in search of an effective fat loss diet? If your response is yes and you’re interested in discovering ways to achieve rapid weight loss, feel free to read this. Numerous diets, supplements, and meal replacement plans assert their ability to facilitate swift weight loss, yet often lack…

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“Can AI really predict patient survival after Heart Surgery? What experts say”

AI Heart Surgery: Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently undergoing surgical procedures assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in numerous countries across the globe. This marks a significant departure from traditional surgical methods, as the entire operation can now be conducted solely by a doctor without the need for a large medical team. This innovative technique not…

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“Blood sugar alert: California doctor urges Caution with Fruits, Oat Milk, and Oatmeal”

Sacramento: In a recent TikTok video, California-based medical practitioner Dr. Mijin Brown issued a warning about seemingly healthy foods that might not be as beneficial as commonly believed. According to a report by the New York Post, Dr. Brown highlighted five food items, dispelling misconceptions about their health benefits. At the top of her list…

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“Nipah Virus spreads to 9-year-old child, Two deaths so far, “Central Government dispatches team to aid Kerala “

Kerala: The resurgence of the Nipah virus is sending ripples of concern throughout Kerala, especially in the Kozhikode district. With two more individuals testing positive for the virus, the total number of cases has risen, and two tragic fatalities have already occurred. The gravity of the situation has prompted the state government to establish a…

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National Medical Commission’s bold move: Doctors mandated to prescribe Generic Medicines over branded

New Delhi: In a significant move aimed at making healthcare more affordable and accessible, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a groundbreaking directive regarding the prescription of medicines. Effective from August 2, the NMC has instructed doctors across the country to prioritize generic medicines over their branded counterparts when prescribing treatments. This move is…

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Embrace Yoga for Healthy & Stress-free life

KAPURTHALA(Punjab) : Pushpa Gujral Science City celebrated International Yoga Day by organizing one day Workshop on “Three minutes of Scientific Yoga”. The main objective of the program was to learn a holistic approach to health and well-being of our body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.  Around 100 men and women from nearby villages participated in the…

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Revolutionize your hair growth journey with the Latest Hair Booster technology

Get 3X benefit which is better, faster and safer treatment outcomes New Delhi: – Dr. Batra’s Healthcare; the largest chain of homeopathic clinics in the world, launches the Hair Booster treatment first time in India to revolutionize the hair growth journey in combination with scientifically proven Homeopathic treatments. Hair Booster is a 20-minute painless procedure…

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International Nursing Day: “Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health”

Special on International Nursing Day 12 MAY, By: Ashwani Joshi, a Naval Veteran turned Social Activist PUNJAB/ NAWANSHAHR: International Nurses Day celebrated on 12th May to mark the birth anniversary of “The Lady with the Lamp” Florence Nightingale and  to thank all worldwide Nurses, for their  tireless efforts , contributions and dedication. Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health. As Val Saintsbury rightly…

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