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June 21, 2024
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Bihar: Internet suspended for 72 hours in Darbhanga following communal tension

Darbhanga: In an effort to curb the spread of rumors and maintain social harmony, the administration in Darbhanga, Bihar, has taken the decision to suspend internet services for 72 hours. The move comes in the wake of recent communal tension between two communities in the district.

According to Darbhanga District Magistrate, Rajeev Roshan, the decision to halt internet services was necessary to prevent the dissemination of unverified information on social media platforms, which could potentially exacerbate the existing tensions. Over the past few days, the district has witnessed three separate instances of unrest between the two communities, all of which were eventually quelled by the intervention of law enforcement.

One of the disputes that triggered the tension was related to the flag of Muharram, followed by a disagreement concerning the collection of soil from Karbala. Additionally, there was an issue over the ownership of a cremation ground, which led to further friction between the parties involved.

The District Magistrate emphasized that the administration had successfully resolved all previous disputes through dialogue and mediation with both sides. However, the proliferation of unconfirmed information and rumors on social media platforms threatened to disturb the current peaceful atmosphere in the city.

As a proactive measure to prevent any escalation of the situation, the decision to suspend internet services for 72 hours was implemented. During this period, the administration aims to prevent the spread of misinformation and rumors and restore a sense of calm and stability in the district.

It is important for citizens to remain vigilant and refrain from sharing unverified information that could potentially incite tensions or violence. The authorities have urged the public to rely on official sources for news and updates during this period of internet suspension.

The District Magistrate assured that the situation is currently under control and that necessary steps are being taken to ensure the safety and security of all residents. With the temporary halt in internet services, the administration hopes to facilitate an environment conducive to peace and harmony in Darbhanga.

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