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June 22, 2024
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“Bihar liquor scandal unveiled: two cops arrested, SHO suspended Over liquor bottles discovery”

Patna: In a shocking incident at the Digha police station in Bihar, two policemen find themselves on the wrong side of the law after liquor bottles were discovered in one of the barracks. The revelation led to the immediate arrest of the two officers, shedding light on a case that has prompted swift action from senior officials.

According to IANS, the officer-in-charge of the police station, Rampreet Paswan, has been suspended in connection with the incident, underlining the gravity of the situation. The Central City SP of Patna, Vaibhav Sharma, provided details on the swift response to the discovery. He stated that the suspended SHO, Rampreet Paswan, was relieved of duty with immediate effect. Additionally, two policemen have been arrested, and an FIR has been filed against four others involved.

The four policemen against whom the FIR has been lodged are identified as Sub-Inspector Phool Kumar Chaudhary, Home Guard Constable Rajesh Kumar, Home Guard Constable Chandan Kumar, and Home Guard Constable Surendra Kumar.

City SP Vaibhav Sharma disclosed that on November 26, a significant quantity of liquor was found in two different locations within the Digha police station area. Acting on information received by Patna SSP Rajeev Mishra, an investigation was initiated into allegations that some officers had unlawfully stashed confiscated liquor bottles in the police station’s barracks.

Sharma explained that a dedicated team was formed to conduct a raid on the barrack, resulting in the seizure of the illicit liquor. Standard procedure dictates that confiscated alcohol should be deposited in a designated warehouse; however, the implicated police team allegedly opted to keep it within the confines of the police station.

The ongoing investigation not only delves into the immediate issue of the confiscated liquor but also explores potential links between the police personnel and the larger liquor mafia network. The arrest and suspension underscore the commitment of law enforcement authorities to uphold the integrity of their ranks and maintain public trust.

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