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April 18, 2024
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Bihar: two officers suspended after CM Nitish Kumar orders inquiry over viral video of abusive IAS KK Pathak

MOTIHARI: Two under-registrars from Bihar have been suspended with immediate effect for recording and making a video of an abusive statement by IAS KK Pathak go viral on social media. The incident happened during a departmental meeting where the officers recorded and broadcasted Pathak’s statements. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took cognizance of the viral video and ordered an inquiry into the matter. Following the investigation, the officers were suspended and attached to different districts.

The suspended officers are Ahmed Hussain, the under-registrar of Pakdidayal in East Champaran, and Pranav Shekhar, the under-registrar of Babubarhi in Madhubani. Both had earlier received a notice seeking clarification on the matter of recording the video during the departmental meeting and posting it on social media. When they failed to provide a satisfactory response, the department inspected their registration offices and took serious action.

The investigation report revealed that Ahmed Hussain used to participate in video conferencing from his residence in Samanpura to mislead officials. He had even listed his residence as his office address, raising concerns of the possibility of more unauthorized recordings. Both officers were suspended and attached to District Registration Offices in different locations during the period of their suspension.

The viral video shows IAS KK Pathak using abusive language for officers during a public meeting. In the video, he can be heard saying, “Yahan sab nikamme hai,” which roughly translates to “everyone here is useless.” This is not the first time that Pathak has been caught using abusive language during a meeting. Another video of him using similar language during an operative meeting has surfaced in the past.

The suspension of the two officers involved in making the video viral has sent a strong message to the bureaucracy about the consequences of unauthorized recordings and social media posts. The incident has also sparked a debate about the behavior of bureaucrats in public meetings and the need for better accountability mechanisms. The inquiry ordered by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is expected to shed more light on the matter and bring clarity to the situation.

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