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May 21, 2024
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Dubai : 16 people, including at least four Indians, killed in a fire in a residential building

DUBAI: A tragic incident took place in Dubai on Friday, April 14, 2023, as 16 people, including at least four Indians, died in a fire that broke out in a residential building. The news agency PTI reported that nine people were also injured in the incident.

The fire started on the fourth floor of the building and quickly spread to other parts. One family among those who died was from Kerala, India. According to Khaleej Times, an Indian social worker named Naseer Vatanapalli stated that a couple was among the four Indian people who lost their lives in the fire.

As per the report, Naseer Vatanappally, a social worker from Kerala who helped identify the victims said “Four Indians, including a couple from Kerala and two men from Tamil Nadu who worked at the building, 3 Pakistani cousins and a Nigerian woman.”

According to a Dubai Civil Defence spokesperson, the fire broke out in Al Ras on Saturday afternoon at 12:35 pm and the fire brigade was rushed to the spot and started the evacuation.

More than 10 people sustained serious burn injuries, Khaleej Times reported.

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