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June 25, 2024
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Four Arrested for Assaulting Migrant Workers in Coimbatore’s Variety Hall Road

CHENNAI: The Variety Hall police in Coimbatore have arrested four people for assaulting migrant workers on Sunday. The accused have been identified as Surya Prakash, Pragadeep, Velmurugan and Prakash. The incident took place on Variety Hall road, where a group of four men blocked the path of four migrant workers, claiming that they were not giving way. Before the workers could react, the four men started attacking them.

After learning about the incident, other migrant workers gathered outside the Variety Hall Police station, demanding action. Based on the evidence, the police arrested all four accused under Sections 294 (b) and 323 of IPC.

Balakrishnan, IG, met with workers from West Bengal and Rajasthan and confirmed that all four accused had been arrested, and two motorbikes used in the assault were seized. According to Balakrishnan, one of the accused, Prakash, claimed to be a functionary of Hindu Munnani, a pro-Hindu group. “Prakash has confessed to being affiliated with Hindu Munnani, and there were a few documents supporting his claim on his cellphone. Also, Surya is said to have been affiliated with it earlier. All are under investigation,” said Balakrishnan.

Balakrishnan further emphasized that an active helpline is available for assistance, and migrant workers can call 100 anytime for help. The incident highlights the need for better protection of migrant workers, who are often subjected to discrimination and violence in various parts of the country. The police must take strict action against such crimes to ensure that justice is served and to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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