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March 3, 2024
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Gold worth Rs 2.5 crore recovers at Gaya railway station: 3 arrested

4.5kg gold recovered from Rajdhani and Bagh Express

GAYA: Gold worth more than two crores has been recovered during the checking conducted by DRI Patna and RPF Gaya at Gaya railway station. RPF has arrested 3 smugglers including Gold. However, RPF is not disclosing the names of those three.

According to the report, gold has been recovered from train number 12379 Up Sealdah-Amritsar-Jallianwala Bagh Express and Sealdah-New Delhi Howrah Rajdhani Express.

RPF says that further action is being taken at the moment. About 4.5 kg of foreign made gold bars have been recovered from the smugglers. The cost of gold in the market is around Rs.2,57,76,000/-. All the arrested accused have been taken along with Gold by the team of DRI, Patna for further action.

Significantly, in the year 2022, even before this, a large amount of gold bars worth crores of rupees have been recovered from Gaya Junction.

In January to February, the police seized 9 kg gold and arrested four people, while till December, nine including 7 kg gold were arrested in Bihar.
In this way, a total of 13 persons have been arrested in connection with the smuggling of foreign gold bars/gold jewelery with a total estimated value of Rs 8,86,87,500.

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