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May 14, 2024
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Khalistani protesters attack Indian journalist in America: India condemns violence

San Francisco: In a shocking incident, pro-Khalistan agitators attacked and abused Indian journalist Lalit K Jha in San Francisco. A video of the incident shows Khalistani protesters berating the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Lalit Jha himself tweeted about the incident and thanked U.S. intelligence for protecting him.

In one of his tweets, Lalit Jha wrote, “Thank you to Secret Service for protecting me at work today, otherwise I would be writing this from the hospital.” He also described being struck twice on the left ear with batons and called 911. Two police vehicles immediately came to his aid, as he feared physical violence.
The Indian Embassy in America condemned the violence against Lalit Jha in a statement posted on its website. The embassy received a report of harassment, intimidation and physical violence against a senior Indian journalist from the Press Trust of India who was covering the alleged ‘Khalistan protest’ in Washington DC.

According to the Embassy, the journalist was first verbally threatened and then physically assaulted. The embassy condemned the “serious and unwarranted attack” on a senior journalist and said that such activities reveal the violent and anti-social nature of the so-called ‘Khalistani protesters’ and their supporters, who are often prone to violence and vandalism. The embassy thanked the police for their quick assistance in this matter.

Indian American MP Ro Khanna also condemned the incident, calling it “reprehensible” and an “attack on journalism” He thanked security authorities for protecting the embassy and Lalit Jha.
The incident highlights the importance of protecting journalists who are subjected to threats and violence in the course of their work, and the importance of condemning such incidents in order to preserve press freedom.

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