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June 12, 2024
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Kota’s pressure of coaching claims young life: 18-Year-Old student commits suicide

Kota, Rajasthan In a heart-wrenching incident that has once again drawn attention to the intense pressure faced by students pursuing coaching in Kota, an 18-year-old student hailing from Uttar Pradesh took his own life on Thursday. The young student, identified as Manjot Chhabra, had come to Kota in April to receive coaching for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), seeking to fulfill his aspirations in the field of medicine.

According to the report, Kota, often hailed as the “education city” of Rajasthan, has long been a hub for coaching centers, attracting thousands of students from across the country who seek to crack competitive examinations. Manjot Chhabra, who hailed from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, joined this cohort of aspiring students with dreams of a successful medical career.

The tragic incident unfolded in a hostel situated within the Vigyan Nagar police station area of Kota. According to Devesh Bhardwaj, the Police Station President, Chhabra retired to his room after dinner, only to be discovered lifeless the next morning when attempts to reach him went unanswered. The caretaker was notified, and upon entering the room, the devastating truth was revealed – Manjot Chhabra had taken his own life.

Chhabra’s relatives have been informed of the heart-wrenching incident, and plans for a postmortem are on hold until their arrival. The news of the young student’s suicide has sent shockwaves through the community, shedding light on the immense mental and emotional strain that coaching students often face in their pursuit of academic excellence.

This unfortunate incident also renews concerns about the mental health and well-being of students in Kota, where the competitive atmosphere and rigorous study schedules can take a toll on young minds. Last year, 15 students enrolled in various coaching institutes in Kota ended their lives, sparking discussions about the need for comprehensive mental health support and counseling services within the city’s educational ecosystem.

According to the Media report, Kota City Superintendent of Police, Sharad Chowdhary, confirmed that 17 students have tragically taken their lives this year alone, underscoring a disturbing trend of rising suicides among coaching students. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the challenges that young students face in their pursuit of academic success, and it calls for a collective effort to address their mental health needs and create a supportive environment that nurtures both academic growth and emotional well-being.

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