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April 22, 2024
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Madhya Pradesh CM vows to ban ‘Objectionable Web Series’

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has recently announced that his government will take necessary steps to ban ‘objectionable web series’ in the state. According to him, Madhya Pradesh is a place of religious and spiritual importance, and web series with objectionable content will not be tolerated.

The announcement was made by Shivraj Singh Chouhan at a program of religious preacher Devkinandan Thakur, who has been vocal against the web series being released on the OTT platform in the past as well. Thakur has expressed concern about the disorientation of today’s young generation due to the content of web series and has demanded that such web series should be banned.

Thakur said the government had taken a serious view on complaints of vulgarity and abusive language in the content on OTT platforms and will not hesitate to take tough action to stop this trend.

This is not the first time that the Madhya Pradesh government has taken such a step. In February 2021, the state government had issued a circular to all district collectors to keep a close eye on the content of the web series being released on various platforms. The circular had instructed the collectors to ensure that no web series with objectionable content is being screened in their respective districts.

The move comes amid growing concern over the impact of web series on the younger generation. Many people have raised concerns about the content of web series that glorify violence, use vulgar language, and depict explicit sexual content. Such content is seen as a threat to the moral and cultural values of society.

The decision of the Madhya Pradesh government to ban objectionable web series is being appreciated by many. It is seen as a step in the right direction to protect the younger generation from the harmful effects of such content. However, there are concerns about how the ban will be implemented and whether it will be effective in curbing the spread of objectionable content on the internet.

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