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May 18, 2024
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Motihari: A 1.5-year-old girl who suffering to heart disease, refers to Ahmedabad for surgery with help of NCHP in Turkauliya

Bihar government will be borne the all expenses to patient

MOTIHARI: A little girl who suffering to heart disease from childhood have expected to get a new life by the help of the National Child Health Program (NCHP). On Tuesday, 1.5-year-old Anshika Kumari of Turkauliya’s  Belghati village, suffering from heart disease, has been sent to Ahmedabad for surgery by the medical team.

Anshika Kumari is the daughter of Ramnath Ram who was suffering from heart disease since birth. Whose treatment has been done under Turkauliya National Child Health Program.

Block Nodal Officer Dr. Dheeraj Kumar said that she used to sweat from her face while drinking milk, crying, walking fast, the color of her face also used to turn blue and she started feeling breathless. During investigation, ventricular septal defect (VSD) was found in the heart of this girl child. It can be treated through surgery.

Dr. Dheeraj Kumar further said that the treatment of Anshika Kumari will be done at the government expense. The girl has been sent to Sri Sathya Sai Hospital Ahmedabad for heart surgery.

In fact, earlier, through the National Child Health Camp of Turkauliya Block, two children suffering from heart disease, Mantu Kumar and Nandini Rastogi, were given free surgery. The operation was successful. After which both are completely healthy now.

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