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April 23, 2024
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OMG! Elon Musk makes his dog Floki “The new CEO of Twitter”, what happens to twitter users now?

New CEO of Twitter: Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently took to the micro-blogging site to announce that his pet dog Floki is now the new CEO of the microblogging site. 

The CEO of the world’s second-largest social media platform, Twitter, has decided to hand over his title as CEO to his dog.

He posted an adorable photo to his personal Twitter account on February 15 to humorously announce that Floki, his Shiba Inu dog, is the new amazing CEO of Twitter. Musk posted an image of Floki at his desk, which shows a piece of paper with the Twitter logo, a black spot for a signature, Floki’s name, and title “chief executive officer” (CEO). Musk replied to his own image, writing, “so much better than that other guy!” and “He is perfect for the job!”.

The humorous posting continued from Musk with the Twitter CEO snapping another image of Floki wearing glasses, writing, “He’s great with numbers!”. This post was followed by another shortly after, with Musk snapping a close-up of Floki to show off his “style”. Obviously, Musk hasn’t officially made his dog CEO of the world’s second-largest social media platform, the Twitter CEO is just having a bit of fun with his platform as everyone else does.

He feels his dog Floki makes a better CEO than the “other guy” perhaps indicating the name of Parag Agrawal. Musk fired Agarwal as soon as he took over the company in a $44 billion dollar deal. Along with Agrawal, Twitter’s legal head Vijaya Gadde and CFO Nel Segal were also pink-slipped.

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