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February 28, 2024
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PM Modi hits out at Bengaluru Opposition Meeting, calls “It a gathering of hardcore corrupt individuals”

New Delhi:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed his criticism towards the ongoing meeting of opposition parties in Bengaluru. Speaking at the inauguration of the new terminal of Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, PM Modi stated, “Some individuals responsible for India’s current state have opened their shops.”

The Prime Minister further expressed his views, stating, “It is quite fitting that, in preparation for the 2024 elections, these individuals are singing one tune, but their actions and intentions are entirely different… Their shop guarantees two things: the sale of the poison of casteism and unlimited corruption. Currently, these individuals are busy in Bengaluru.”

PM Modi went on to say, “Whenever these individuals appear on the camera, the first thought that crosses the minds of the people of this country is the corruption worth crores of rupees associated with them. Hence, the people of this nation have aptly labeled this gathering as a ‘hardcore corrupt conference.'”

Highlighting a peculiar aspect of the meeting, the Prime Minister stated, “What is particularly noteworthy about this gathering is that those who are out on bail in multi-crore scams are treated with great respect. If an entire family is on bail, it would have been even more beneficial for them.”

He added, “If a current minister from a party is incarcerated in a corruption case, they are specially recognized and given extra privileges. Similarly, those who have insulted society and received court convictions are also granted a significant amount of hospitality.”

The opposition meeting in Bengaluru, now on its second day, includes the participation of 26 political parties. In contrast, a meeting of the NDA alliance is concurrently taking place in Delhi, involving 38 political parties.

The verbal exchange between the ruling party and the opposition indicates the escalating political tension as the country moves closer to the next general elections. As both sides engage in strategic discussions and alliances, it remains to be seen how this political landscape will unfold in the coming months.

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