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June 12, 2024
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Prashant Kishor blasts PM Modi & political parties for neglecting Bihar’s poor, said- “Bihar remains poorest and most unemployed state, despite development efforts”

Prashant Kishor urges Bihar’s people to prioritize education and employment’

Narendra Modi’s 56 inch chest is visible’, Prashant Kishor’s taunt on PM Modi

Patna: Election Strategist Prashant Kishor Criticizes PM Modi and Political Parties for Neglecting Bihar’s Poor

Prashant Kishor, a renowned election strategist, strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and political parties for their neglect of Bihar’s poor during a padyatra camp in Chehrakala block of Vaishali on Monday. Speaking at the Jan Suraj Padyatra, Kishor said that the plight of Bihar’s poor was evident in the fact that children had to go to school not to study but to eat khichdi containing worms.

Kishor went on to say that Bihar’s children were sitting unemployed at home after studying, while their parents were more worried about their caste and India-Pakistan relations than their children’s welfare. He criticized PM Modi for boasting about his 56-inch chest but ignoring the hunger and suffering of Bihar’s people.

Kishor also targeted political parties for their failure to address Bihar’s poverty and unemployment. He acknowledged that every party had made some positive contributions to Bihar’s development, but argued that the state remained the poorest, most unemployed, and most under-educated in the country.

Kishor urged Bihar’s people to demand more from their political leaders and to prioritize education and employment for themselves and their children. He warned that if they did not take responsibility for their own welfare, then no party or leader would do so on their behalf.

Further, PK said that there is no point in debating today, even if all the parties have worked, our situation is worst today, then following the path on which Bihar has been walking for the last 50 years, Bihar’s development is not possible. In the last 50 years, more than 27 Chief Ministers ruled but there is no improvement in the condition of Bihar.

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