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April 23, 2024
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President Putin meets Russian military commanders amid Ukraine war, likely to preparing a major attack at beginning of New Year

KIVY(UKRAINE): Russia says that President Putin spent the whole day on Friday briefing Russian military commanders about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

A day before Putin visited the military’s operational headquarters on Friday, Ukraine warned that Russia was preparing a major attack on Ukraine at the beginning of the New Year.

Putin was then shown at the head of another conference table at the joint task force headquarters, inviting suggestions from a number of military commanders.

“We will listen to the commanders in each operational direction, and I would like to hear your proposals on our immediate and medium-term actions,” Putin said.

Pictures of Putin’s visit to the army headquarters have been broadcast on Russia’s state TV. Putin also met the Defense Minister and the Army Chief.

Speaking to military commanders, Putin said, “Dear comrades, hello. Today we will listen to the commanders commanding each direction of the campaign. I would like to know your opinion about our immediate and intermediate steps.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year. In the initial months, the Russian army rapidly occupied the territories of Ukraine, but in recent months, Russia has faced defeat on many fronts and Ukraine has released a large area from Russia’s occupation. Russia has definitely made some gains in the eastern part of Ukraine.

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