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June 12, 2024
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Rahul Gandhi’s Parliament Membership reinstated, gets official bungalow, says ‘Mera Ghar Poora Hindustan Hai’

New Delhi: After a recent restoration of his Parliament membership, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been allocated his official bungalow, prompting him to declare, “My home is the whole of India,” when questioned by journalists. The poignant statement comes as Rahul Gandhi resumes his responsibilities as a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) representing Wayanad, Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi’s return to the political arena was marked by his visit to the Congress headquarters, where he engaged in discussions with leaders from Assam. The development followed the Lok Sabha Secretariat’s issuance of a notification on Monday, reinstating his membership in the lower house of Parliament.

The decision to restore his membership comes in the wake of a legal saga dating back to 2019 when Rahul Gandhi made a statement involving the term ‘Modi surname.’ This statement led to a legal battle with BJP MLA Purnesh Modi, who pursued the matter in the Surat lower court. The court subsequently sentenced Rahul Gandhi to a two-year term.

The fallout from the court’s verdict was swift, with Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership being revoked within 24 hours of the judgment. However, the legal tide shifted last Friday when the Supreme Court granted a stay on Rahul Gandhi’s sentence. This turn of events paved the way for his reinstatement as a member of the Lok Sabha, enabling him to once again contribute to the parliamentary discourse.

Rahul Gandhi’s restoration to the Lok Sabha is particularly significant as discussions on a no-confidence motion against the government unfold within the parliamentary chambers. His return injects fresh energy and perspective into the ongoing debates.

On March 24, Rahul Gandhi faced disqualification as a result of a verdict from a metropolitan court in Surat, Gujarat. This verdict found him guilty in a defamation case and imposed a two-year jail sentence, which, under the law, automatically leads to the disqualification of a lawmaker.

Subsequently, Gandhi pursued legal recourse by appealing to the Gujarat High Court. However, his plea for a stay on the conviction was dismissed by the court on July 7.

Undeterred, he escalated the matter to the Supreme Court on July 15, which, in a significant turn of events, granted a stay on his conviction last week. This ruling has paved the way for the reinstatement of his Lok Sabha membership. Importantly, this stay also clears the path for the 53-year-old politician to participate in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

While Rahul Gandhi’s presence was felt in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, he opted not to deliver a speech during the session. Instead, he expressed his unity with the entirety of India, emphasizing the sentiment that the entire nation serves as his home.

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