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June 22, 2024
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Shocking honor killing case unearthed in Bihar’s Motihari: Bodies of teenage boy and girl found burnt, suspected love affair

Motihari: A shocking case of honor killing has emerged from Bihar’s East Champaran district, where the bodies of a teenage boy and girl were found burnt after a brutal murder. The incident, suspected to be related to a love affair, came to light after midnight on Tuesday. The deceased have been identified as Muskan Kumar, the son of Bijul Sahni from Dumri village, and Vinita Kumari, the daughter of Yadav Lal Pandit from the same village. The Panchayat head, Sunil Sahni, reported the incident to the Sugauli police station.

Upon receiving the information, the Sugauli police station immediately launched an investigation into the matter. The police team swiftly arrived at the Sikarhana river bank near Dumri village, where the bodies were being burned. As the police approached, the perpetrators fled the scene, but the police managed to secure the burnt bodies and brought them to the police station. Additionally, a search was conducted at the girl’s father’s house, but all the family members had already fled.

According to the report, At present, the girl’s mother has been taken into custody by the police. The boy’s mother has accused the girl’s father, mother, brother, and others of killing both teenagers and burning their bodies. Muskan Kumar’s grieving mother, Maulesari Devi, recounted that her son had gone to watch a dance in the village and did not return until late at night. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the bodies of both the boy and the girl were being burnt on the banks of the Sikarhana river in the village, with the intention of destroying evidence.

The bodies have been severely burnt, with over eighty percent of their remains charred. The police are preparing to send the bodies to Motihari for postmortem examination and are awaiting an application from the family members to proceed with further investigations. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the prevalence of honor killings in society. Authorities are determined to ensure that justice is served and the perpetrators are brought to book for this heinous crime.

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